Losing babies

My husband and I have one child together but after we had him, we lost five babies at varying stages of gestation.

Without going into the excruciating details, all I can say is that this is a very common experience.

Every second person I speak to shares their story of loss.

One of the midwives who looked after me during my second mid-term loss told me about her best friend’s stillborn child.

My GP told me that his wife had four miscarriages and they never managed to conceive. He said she cried all the time.

My friend called me and told me he and his wife have had three miscarriages, something I knew nothing about previously.

There is a silent river of sorrow running below the surface of life and it’s this opening up, this sharing that creates a well.

It is enormously comforting to hear these stories of loss. It makes our loss feel like an everyday tragedy, not some aberration unique to us.

So please share your stories with whoever needs them. The kindest thing you can do for someone hurting is to show them they’re not alone.

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